Flex Fun!

One of the best things about Purdue Dining & Catering is, of course, the on-campus Dining. There are a ton of options opened up this year, including not only the five dining courts, but also The Gathering Place, Pete’s Za and swipe locations in the Union in weekday afternoons. On top of the new places to use a meal swipe, there are new options too, like Take Back Hillenbrand that we love so much we did a whole blog post about it! Check that out here: https://purduedining.com/2016/10/14/how-to-take-back-hillenbrand/

The best way to take advantage of the multiple choices is to sign up for the unlimited meal plan!


The Boiler Flex Unlimited Meal plan comes in two variations; the 500, and the 250. The two plans are very similar, with 20+ meal swipes a week, 8 On-The-Go swipes, and 16 guest meals per academic year. The difference is in the Dining Dollars, with $500 and $250 in each of the plans.

Every year, to add even more value to the Boiler Flex plans, Purdue Dining puts on a few events for the Flex Club Members. This semester, we have a bunch on the schedule, including the Fruit and Fondue Valentine’s Day event. We attended this event to give you guys a look at the Flex Club benefits.


Didn’t make it to the Fruit and Fondue event? No worries, we have plenty of events still to come, including one on March 9th, April 5th and April 19th. We’ve included a list of the events, so stop by and tell us what you think! We also have plenty of Dining & Catering events coming up for everyone, not just Flex Club members, so make sure to follow our social media sources @PurdueDining on Instagram and Twitter, and Purdue Dining & Catering on Facebook.


We hope you’ve had a LOVEly week!

Sarah & Amanda 


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