Boilers of Dining: Rachel Cavanaugh

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Top 5 things to know about Rachel Cavanaugh, Windsor Assistant Dining Court Manager:

  • Caring
  • Family is everything
  • Loves her job
  • Easy-going
  • Loves to challenge herself

Netflix or Hulu?

  • Netflix! There’s a wonderful kids section for my daughter.

What is your favorite milkshake flavor?

  • Chocolate, bananas marshmallow cream! It’s a secret menu item at Dairy Queen.

Where did you work before Windsor Dining Court?

  • I came from Ford Dining Hall, but I originally started [with PD&C] as a student associate at Meredith kitchen in 2000. I also helped open Wiley and Earhart Dining Courts.

What’s your favorite dish to cook for friends?

  • I like to make Korean beef with some veggies and jasmine rice.  My daughter loves it!

How much money would you need to win to walk away from your current job?

  • This sounds cheesy but I wouldn’t quit. I wouldn’t tell anyone but I wouldn’t walk away. I love my job.

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