Boilers of Dining- Jessica Scott


Top 5 things to know about Jessica Scott, Operations Manager at Harrison Grille and Pete’s Za:

  • Thoughtful
  • Dedicated
  • Strategic
  • Responsible
  • Go-getter


What’s the best vacation you’ve EVER taken?

  • My honeymoon was spent in the Smokey Mountains. My husband and I went white water rafting and hiked the Appalachian trail.


What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

  • Swimming and going to outdoor concerts.


What part of your current job is your favorite?

  • The student model, we rely on students to utilize management tasks and opportunities which gives students range and management experience.


What is your go to snack?

  • Hard candy, especially butterscotch!


What staff member makes you laugh the most?

  • My boss Mike Brown! He’s very supportive but very much a jokester. He is comical to work with.

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