Boilers of Dining- Osamudiamen Ogbeifun


Top 5 things to know about Mudia, Student Cook at The Pantry:

  • I’m from Nigeria
  • I’m a Food- Science major (I love food!)
  • I love to dance & sing
  • I’m out-going
  • I’m also very straight-forward
  • What would be a perfect afternoon for you?

At home in my bed with Netflix and chocolate covered strawberries (phone on do not disturb)

  • What part of your job is your favorite?

It’s not just about preparing the food, I get to design it. I am able to plate the food and I’m able to present essentially “art” to customers.

  • If money were not a consideration, what kind of a car would you buy?

A black and tinted Cadillac Escalade!

  •  What is the most fulfilling part of working with Dining & Catering?

We’re a family here at the Pantry. Everyone is understanding that most of us are students. The managers create a positive work environment for all of us even though they know a majority of the students are stressed out from school.

  • How do you think working in Dining & Catering will help your future career?

This job gives me the experience of the handling and the safety of food. I get to work in culinary as well as learning the business side of culinary. This job prepares me for my career in the food industry.


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