Boilers of Dining: Graduate Edition

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Addison Elkins 

Degree: BA in Aviation Management

Years with PD&C: 2 1/2 (5 semesters)


  1. Student Associate at Boiler BBQ
  2. Secret Shopper Program Manager
  3. Employee Success Intern


Dining & Beyond

What are your plans after graduation? 

“I will be working as an Air Program Manager at the main headquarters of Amazon in Seattle, Washington.”

What is your fondest memory of PD&C?

“When I was working at Boiler BBQ, I wore a hot dog costume for Halloween. I was in a professional environment all the while having fun.”

What is your biggest accomplishment at PD&C? 

“Getting the secret shopper program where it is today. Before, the quality of the feedback wasn’t stellar. We’ve made leaps and bounds”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

What is your biggest takeaway from PD&C? 

“The customer service aspect is my biggest takeaway. Before this position, I thought customer service was oriented around the front line, being the face, and taking the orders. You can still be focused on the customer while not being in the field. Being behind- the- scenes has improved my outlook and understanding of the customer service experience.”

What would you like to say to the PD&C family? 

“When I started at the Boiler BBQ, I didn’t anticipate my time at Purdue Dining & Catering being as influential on my time in college as it has proven to be. As soon as I started with Dining & Catering I was given the opportunity to develop myself and to become a leader. I had the pleasure of leading the Secret Shopping program and helping with the introduction of Brand Ambassadors at Dining & Catering. I have always believed that a job allows students to grow and develop themselves in ways that classes cannot always do. I would encourage anybody who is on the fence about a job at Dining & Catering to pursue it! I attribute a lot of my success to Purdue Dining & Catering, and would like to thank everyone at Dining & Catering for the past 2 1/2 years!”


Thank you, Addison, for Making Good Things Happen at Purdue Dining & Catering!


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