Boilers of Dining- Tammie Hill


      Tammie Hill is an Indiana native who’s been with PD&C for 10 years! She started out at Meredith to help support her daughter’s college education. She later switched positions when learning that a position at Continuum Cafe opened. Tammie currently works as a level 6 Supervisor and is in charge of making sure everything at Continuum runs smoothly!





What’s your favorite thing about your job?

“I like the people over here.” She also likes her flexible work environment and the building she’s in!

What’s your best piece of advice for students looking to work at Continuum?

“You have to be able to keep your cool when things get busy. We can get that very full but once you make it through it, you feel really proud that you handled it.”

What’s your favorite part of working with students?

“Getting to know them. Some of them are far away from home and need someone to talk to. I like to be that person, even if it’s just to brighten their day up a little bit.”

What’s your current hobby?

“Reading. I’m really hooked on audible books right now. Outlander is my favorite book. If you haven’t read the book, you absolutely have to.”

What’s something you want to accomplish in the next few years?

” I want to go to the Kentucky Derby and visit the McGraw Steakhouse. It’s all local things I haven’t done yet.”




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