Boilers & Beyond – Ethan Brown

Ethan is a Student Success Intern who is in Purdue’s pre-pharmacy program and is a senior. He also enjoys going to Knight Spot in his residence hall as well as the market!

So Ethan, what made you decide to enroll in the pharmacy program at Purdue?

I was originally majoring in Biochemistry and I liked the courses but I did not like what my career options would be so I did a little searching and found out that studying pharmacy would open a lot more career options for me. 

What do you do as the Student Success Intern?

I help a lot with the legalistically side of Purdue Dining & Culinary. This involves planning meetings, events, and working behind the scenes to make sure all operations run as smoothly as possible.

What does working for the Student Success team mean to you?

It’s been a been a very rewarding experience in terms of team building and meeting new people.

What is your favorite memory from this job?

Going to Exploration Acres with my team and helping out with the Jumpstart students bond last semester.

 What about the hardest part about this job?

Making sure we do not forget anything. There’s a lot of assignments and projects going on at once so we have to make sure we go to all the events and meetings with everything we need.  

Are there any dining events coming up students should look forward to?

We have Purdue for Me days, also known as Manic Mondays, every week until April. We set up informational booths for incoming students and their families to ask questions about anything and everything. We also have a Spring Forward event for dining employees. It will be an outdoor basketball event and the winning operation gets a trophy!

After a long day of school and work, what do you do to relax?

Something my roommate and I enjoy doing is playing various board games. Our favorite right now is Spirit Island where we work together to defend our island from invaders as spirits.

Sounds fun! Speaking of relaxing, what will you be doing over spring break?

I will be going with a group of friends to Texas. South Padre Island. We’re planning to spend a lot of time on the beach.

Have you applied to pharmacy school yet? If yes, where and why?

Yes! And Just at Purdue. I’ve been here for 4 years and it feels like home.

What are your next steps then?

I’m waiting for my interview and then anticipate my acceptance.

You have to let us know when you do! Alright we have one last question, what animal would you want to be if you could transform?

A giraffe because they’re cool.

Hmm interesting answer. Also, we’re just kidding, our actual last question is what advice would you give to incoming freshman about coming to Purdue?

The earlier you start exploring your options the better. Make sure to open yourself up to all options so it will help you narrow down your choices and make a more confident career choice.

That’s really insightful and great advice. It’s never too early or late to view your options for college or any other aspects of life! Thanks for sharing with us what you do for PD&C and your own student life journey.

We’re almost to spring break! Make sure to continue working hard and then have a relaxing and safe break.


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