Flavors from Purdue Dining & Culinary

In every recipe lies a story. Whether it’s in a personal passion one has for cooking, traditions passed down through generations or memories with loved ones, our favorite dishes are often a part of our greatest memories.

Each recipe is a part of Purdue’s long history of serving award-winning food to generations of Boilermakers. Some of these recipes were developed by our own chefs who have dedicated themselves to ensuring students have had the best dining experience possible. Other recipes were submitted by students themselves. Some are even new, fresh ideas from our chefs and some of our staff.

What all these recipes have in common is that they are as much a part of your story as they are ours. Times shared with friends toasting a Boilermaker victory. Celebrating holiday and seasonal traditions. Cramming through late-night study sessions. Early-morning wakeups. Time spent lounging on weekends. Laughter, stress and everything in-between. 

It has been our pleasure to play a part in creating your Purdue memories. We hope preparing these recipes will not only help you recall favorite moments with your Purdue family, but help build new memories with your loved ones.

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