Above the Call of Duty Award

Purdue Day of Giving is right around the corner! Here at Purdue Dining & Catering, we’d like to remind everyone about the great impact that this day has on our staff and students on campus.

Purdue Day of Giving contributions support many different merit-based student awards, including the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award. This award is given to students whose actions make a difference in Purdue Dining & Catering, and who contribute to excellence within student life.

Our December 2017 recipient of the award was Gabriela Olguin-Flores, pictured below. She explained to us that the award, “helped me stay financially stable for my last semester of undergrad by providing enough money to cover the rest of my tuition,” and also “reinforced my strong work ethic .” Gabriela explains that this reinforcement “gave me the motivation to work harder and not shirk my academic and work duties.”

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Another recipient, from February 2018, expressed her gratitude by saying that it was, “a blessing” as she is a commuter student and drives 30 minutes to and from Purdue daily. She also states, “it really means a lot to be recognized for the hard work that we put in as employees. This award gave me the ability to relax about finances during a point in the semester when stress runs high. I would like to thank those who donate the money because it does take away much of the stress that comes with paying for a college education”.


We are very proud of our students and staff at Purdue Dining & Catering and we hope to continue supporting their academic careers. You can also get involved by donating to Purdue Dining & Catering on Purdue Day of Giving on April 25. Together we can build opportunities for our student employees!

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