Thanksgiving: Purdue Style

This week marks the last full week before Thanksgiving Break, and so Dining & Catering, in line with its yearly tradition, served up some Thanksgiving dinner for students. This event always falls the Thursday before Thanksgiving Thursday, and students line up out the doors to take part in the meal. This year, we were lucky to have such good weather, because we had to wait in line before opening to ensure we got a spot. This event takes place at all the Dining Courts simultaneously, but even so, the courts are always crowded with eager students. The dining courts normally serve a variety of foods at their multiple stations, but for Thanksgiving dinner, every station serves the same food. When the students flooded in they were directed to three different stations, all containing turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, green beans and rolls with butter. We piled our plates high to practice for Thanksgiving, and we were not disappointed.

The employees of the court had their hands full restocking, as students were coming for their food, and then for seconds and dessert. We stopped off for some dessert and Apple Cider. The dessert table was full of apple pie, cheesecake, pumpkin pie, coffee and ice cream.


Although the food portion of the night was fun, what is really great about this evening is that it lets students experience this holiday in their home away from home. For some international students, this means participating in a new tradition that lets them further experience American culture. For students who normally celebrate Thanksgiving with family, the pre-holiday tradition lets students enjoy the traditional foods with their new community at Purdue. They get to celebrate not only with their family, but also with the people who help them get through their day-to-day college experiences. The “friends”-giving portion of Dining Court Thanksgiving is really what makes the event truly special.


What are your Thanksgiving tra-dishes?

Have a great holiday!

Sarah & Amanda


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