Athletic Dining Room

Athletics here at Purdue have long been a source of pride and campus community. Attending games is just one of the many Purdue traditions to take advantage of before you graduate.
Because athletics are so important at Purdue, Purdue Dining is invested in helping with the program as best they can. Enter the Athletic Dining Room, or ADR. The Athletic Dining Room is like any other dining court on Purdue’s campus, but is specifically set aside for athletes only.
This week, we took a visit to the Athletic Dining Room and sat down with Andrea Hallmen, the Residential Dining Supervisor for ADR, to talk about the operation. She gave us a lot of great information.

The Athletic Dining Room was renovated in the early 2000s and became the bright, cozy place it is today. ADR serves dinners only, about three to five times a week depending on the team. The schedule is constantly shifting to accommodate for athletic events, so employees at ADR have to be available to work during a range of time frames. The dining room is fairly small and does not allow non-student athletes, because the meals provided are specifically tailored to the rigorous life of a Purdue athlete. ADR supervisors consult with a dietician, to ensure that the current teams being served, Football and Men’s and Women’s Basketball, are getting the right nutrition. Athletes spend an incredible amount of time training, playing their sport and just being active, so they need a high-calorie and high-protein diet to support that activity.

The Dining Room can also be turned into a more formal location for recruiting dinners. During these dinners, prospective student athletes sit down with their families, potential coaches and teammates, and learn about being an athlete at Purdue.
While the Athletic Dining Room is a little mysterious and intriguing, it’s really just like a normal dining court, just more out of the way and only available to student athletes, who need the specific diet that ADR provides.

Did you guys know about the Athletic Dining Room before?
See you next week!

Sarah & Amanda


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