Boilers and Beyond- Amanda Williams

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetAmanda Williams is from Muncie, Indiana. She’s worked with PD&C since her freshman year. Amanda is a Student Manager at Wiley Dining Court in which some of her responsibilities as a manager includes scheduling, training, initiating meetings, conflict resolution, and disciplinary action. Amanda will be graduating this May from the Purdue School of Liberal Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Society. Amanda recently accepted the offer of Youth Development Worker at Bauer Family Resources in Lafayette, Indiana. Part of her job involves working with children from grades one to twelve, supervising, and ensuring a safe environment. She will be using the application of certain curriculum and was given the opportunity to run the Literature and Arts Program. Amanda is excited about this new journey for life after college and is ready to start using the skills she’s learned from PD&C and school to further her career.


Why did you choose to work for PD&C? 

“Honestly, I bought Dairy Queen A LOT my freshman year so I needed the finances to support my addiction. But once I got the job there was much room for opportunities to move up in management so I decided to stay.”


What skills have you gained from working with PD&C that you believe will benefit you in your new job? 

“I was very introverted at first but this job has made me learn better communication from being on teams and in leadership positions. Conflict resolution is a must for a management position, so I’ve learned how to handle issues in the workplace in an ethical and effective manner. Also, my organization skills have improved.”


What you most excited about for graduation? 

“Having a Bachelor’s Degree! Nowadays, it seems like a necessity in order to be successful in life. I’m excited to see all my hard work come to fruition and be able to apply all that I’ve learned.”


Where do you eventually want to end up? 

“I want to eventually go to law school. I’m interested in Political Science. My ultimate goal is to be an Ambassador in another country.”


What is your dream company to work for? 

“Working for the U.S government.”


What is your fondest memory working with PD&C?

“There was a Jumpstart student who remembered me from STAR, a recruiting program we have in early July. Although he was shy, I tried to make conversation with him and asked how he was liking PD&C and university life. When it came time to choose where he wanted to work he decided to work at Wiley where I was working because he felt more comfortable there with me and some of the others he grew close to during Jumpstart.”


What is your biggest takeaway from working with PD&C? 

“I’ve learned more skills working with PD&C than being in school. My degree gives me the information and knowledge but this job gives me the skills and experience.”


What are your parting words for the PD&C family? 

“I’m so proud of everyone and their progress! I’ve seen everyone grow- start as an associate and now they’re supervisors. Continue to be a team that thrives and a family that cares for the community.”


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