Boilers of Dining- Allyson Laws

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetAllyson Laws works full-time at our beloved 3rd Street Starbucks as a supervisor. She has worked for PD&C for two years and is a Level V. Additionally, she is an online student. Talk about hard work and dedication! Allyson is originally from just outside St. Louis, Missouri, a small town called Winfield. Part of her job description includes running shifts, management of student workers, and providing the best customer service. By working with PD&C’s 3rd Street Starbucks, Allyson has become interested in eventually owning her own coffee shop, but with a twist. There’s a coffee shop near her hometown that not only sells delicious coffee but is a sanctuary for adoptable cats. Allyson’s peaked interest in coffee and love for animals has inspired her to eventually open a cat café.


Why did you decide to work for PD&C?

“As I began planning for the move to Purdue, I started looking at jobs with PD&C.  I applied and got my first job working at Ford Dining Court. I wanted to be in the food business so I thought working for PD&C would be a good fit.”

What opportunities has PD&C given you?

“Definitely the opportunity to manage an awesome group of students. I just love my customer base but most of all I love my job. I’ve also received certifications. I am certified as a barista , trainer, and AST (Advanced Store Training) certified. I had the opportunity to run the store for four months which was an amazing and rewarding experience.”


Why did you choose this specific dining location? 

“I wanted to do more and grow in other areas of PD&C, so I left Ford and came to Starbucks.”


What would be the perfect afternoon for you?

“Sitting outside on a nice day, reading a good book.”


How do you use the information that you’ve learned in your favorite class in your life today?

“I’m taking numerous management classes right now so I would say that I’m using the information and techniques in those classes with my student workers. I’m also taking a few financial classes so I get to put into practice budget forecasts and ordering.”


What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  

“Eggs and chorizo!”


What is your favorite TV show right now? 




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