Boilers and Beyond- Joel Travis

_20181109_164257Joel Travis is a supervisor from Wiley who has been with PD&C for almost 3 years! He’s currently a senior studying Marketing in the College of Liberal Arts. Joel’s post-graduate plans include taking a month off from classes and finding a job near the coast. He feels that his greatest accomplishment has been going to college and being so close to the finish line!





Why did you decide on Purdue?

“It was in-state and a lot cheaper. The choice was between IU and Purdue, and I had a great feeling about Purdue.”

If you could have one Dining Court recipe, what would it be?

“I’m getting Wiley’s chocolate chip cookie recipe when I graduate.”

How has working at Wiley shaped you?

“It taught me how to become a leader and be more confident in my decisions.”

What was your favorite Wiley moment?

“Getting my black shirt (promoted) with the other staff.”

Who do you feel helped you improve the most in the workplace?

“Sarah Wentland is always there to help me when I need advice or motivation.”

Who is you favorite musical artist at the moment?

“Glass Animals.”





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