Boilers of Dining – Kristen Taylor

For today’s Boilers of Dining, we’re sitting down with Kristen Taylor! Kristen is a sophomore in biology from Bloomington, Indiana.


So you’re from Bloomington, Kristen? Purdue must have been a bold choice, since you came from the competition!

I am from Bloomington, but not originally! I grew up in Chesapeake, VA and moved to Indiana when I was 8.

Well, that’s better! Can you tell us about your position?

I work as a Senior Brand Ambassador! I love my job, I have the opportunity to work with different employees from all over Dining & Catering, and promote the best food Purdue has to offer!

How long have they been a Brand Ambassador?

I have worked as a Brand Ambassador since I was a freshmen in my first semester, and I am a sophomore now, so about 1.5 years.

Great! Well, we can’t keep you at Purdue forever. What’s your dream job?

I hope to become a doctor! Whether that’s a medical doctor or an optometrist, I’m not sure yet, but I love helping people and I think this is the best way to pursue that passion!

What’s the most recent movie you’ve seen? Or book you’ve read?

The most recent movie I’ve seen is The Nun, and it was super scary! The most recent book was a book about sociology for class, which is not a very exciting answer.

This might be more exciting, what flavor of jelly bean would you be?

Strawberry! I love strawberry jelly beans!

What is your favorite fountain to play in on campus?  

I love playing in the loeb fountain! Even though it’s a little strong, that makes it super thrilling and exciting!

So true! Is there anything you think the Purdue community should know?

I’m a big supporter of study groups and have spent the past two years here scouting out the best spots! My favorite places to study are Krach and Bethyl Innovation Design Center.


That’s a great tip, thanks Kristen! It’s always a pleasure talking to fellow Boilers!


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