Boilers & Beyond – Tina Anderson

Tina is from Highland, Indiana and majored in Political Science. She graduated from Purdue University in 2018 and is currently working as the Supervisor at Harrison Grill. 

How long have you worked at Harrison Grille?

I’ve been here for about a year and a half. Before Harrison Grill, I worked at 3rd St. Market while I was a student for 4 years.

You’ve been working in Purdue Dining for sometime then! Why did you choose to work at Harrison Grille?

I use to come here a lot as a student and when I started looking for a full time job, Harrison Grill had a position open. I really wanted to work at a place with good memories. 

What is your favorite aspect about HG?

All my student employees. They’re so amazing and hard working! We’ve been under staffed this semester so they’ve been working hard.

We can tell our readers to come work here with you! Entice them by telling us what item most students do not get, but should defiantly try from HG?

I would say our corn dogs, they’re the perfect little snack.

What do you usually order to eat?

I like to try everything at least once. What I’ve gotten the most is the Lowkey Smokey Burger. The burger is stacked with BBQ sauce, bacon, and gouda cheese. We remade menu this year with new names and burgers so come try them!

Since it is the beginning of dead week, do more students start coming to HG for a late night snack?

Yes, we offer Starbucks too so that’s what most people get.

Do you have any advice for all of our hard-working students?

For our Freshman or any student, Make sure to study a lot, it will pay off. Do not procrastinate and DO NOT study the day of your exam because you will be stressed. Always study ahead to be confident, prepared, and have a more positive mindset which makes a big difference.

What are some things you like to do when taking a break from studying?

I hang out with my friends. We try so some easy activities to have some fun and laugh to take the stress away.

Let’s not talk more about studying anymore, on a happier note, what is something fun you and your family or friends are doing this holiday season?

I’m just going home to see my mom and my cat. I can’t wait to relax for 4 weeks and catch up on Netflix!

That sounds so fun! For our last question, what are you most excited for this upcoming year?

I’m excited for the new semester, it will bring a fresh start. I can’t wait to meet new employees and train new people. It’s so fun training others and watching them grow. It’s also a leap year so that’s exciting!

We hope you get more amazing employees so you’re not understaffed! Thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk with us. We wish you a happy new semester!

It’s officially dead week Boilermakers! Our tip is to grab some good snacks and energy boosters before you knock out some studying. Maybe you should visit Harrison Grill to tray some corn dogs and Starbucks!


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