Boilers & Beyond – Carol Martin

Carol graduated with a bachelors degree from Purdue in 2017 and stayed to pursue graduate school. While in school, she’s also the full-time supervisor at Pete’s Za!

Can you tell us a little more about your time at Purdue as a undergraduate student?

I attended Purdue from 2013 to 2017 and I majored in History. I also graduated with three minors in Anthropology, Studio Art Design, and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Sounds like you have a lot of skills under your belt! After graduating, what made you decide to stay at Purdue?

I wanted to go to graduate school here but did not get accepted the first time I applied so I decided to work in the meantime. I had worked at Earhart as an undergrad so I wanted to work in another dining court. I applied to Ford and I worked from 2017 to this past December. I then decided to apply for my position now at Pete’s Za and I’ve been here ever since.

You are in a graduate program now right?

I am actually pursuing a Masters in Business Administration! Since I am a full-time employee, one benefit is my tuition and costs are mostly covered. Currently I am taking graduate level classes through Purdue Global and I expect to graduate September of 2021. I could graduate even faster if I wanted, but I’ll take my time.

We’re glad you found the right program for you! On to more work related questions, what does your typical day look like?

I usually get in at 9 am and turn all the equipment on. Next, I head to Harrison for supplies since we are a bit small to store all our things. Then, I come back prep for lunch before we open at 11 am! Once lunch ends we clean up and I get office some work done. During this time, we also prep for dinner, but the students help prepare the dough and our toppings. I usually leave around 5 pm and head home to work on my classes!

You guys sure put in a lot of work to make our pizzas tasty! What’s your favorite task to do here?

I find pressing the dough very rhythmic and relaxing so that’s my favorite task. 

What about your favorite pizza or salad to have on the permanent menu?

I really like our Apple Walnut salad.

What about your favorite pizza on the weekly rotating menu?

The Zalferdo! We put alfredo sauce instead marinara and the toppings are spinach and tomato. It’s really good and different!

Any new pizza’s we should be looking forward to?

We have a new Halal buffalo chicken pizza on the weekly menu thats really good. Come try it on March 9th or April 13th! For next semester, we are going to try new flavors for pizzas of the week and I am really excited for them, but I can’t say any more.

Aww what a shame! Can you at least tell us what the most popular pizza on the menu?

Definitely the Zapperoni. Who doesn’t like some pepperoni?

That’s so true. When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I watch Netflix and study. I’m currently watching Peaky Blinders with my boyfriend

We’ll add that to our watchlist! Can you tell us your future goals for yourself?

My goals are finishing my master’s degree and moving to California.

Well now you have to tell us why you want to move to California!

My boyfriend, who is also a graduate student at Purdue, is interviewing for jobs in California so once he selects an offer we will be making plans to finish our degrees and moving.

Please take us with you! Just kidding (not really), we hope you the very best on both of those goals for your boyfriend and yourself. Thank you for talking to us and good luck with prepping for dinner!

It’s the second Manic Monday for this semester so if you got caught up in the madness from the dining courts, keep an eye out for our posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at PurdueDining to see what places you can grab lunch without a long line!


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