Facts behind the Food: Earhart’s Chocolate Marble Cake

One of the most delectable desserts at Earhart is their chocolate marble cake. It isn’t a coincidence that this cake is so light and fluffy. Specific scientific properties and methods give this dessert these delicious results.

The main secret stems from a simple, yet crucial, step in baking: combining the butter with the sugar. Butter is the key fat source for a fluffy cake, as it is great at trapping in air. It even gets more precise than that! The butter must be at room temperature to produce enough air bubbles and bind with the sugar. This could make or break the cake.

The next step comes down to the eggs. Have you ever had your cake batter mixture curdle? This is because the temperature of the eggs isn’t the same as the butter. They both need to be at room temperature to ensure that the eggs won’t coagulate. If the butter is hotter than the eggs, it will cook them into scramble eggs! It is also important to add in the eggs one at a time. This allows the eggs to emulsify perfectly within the butter mixture.

This is what will happen if your eggs curdle! The smooth, creamy consistency that you want!

Now, of course there are many crucial scientific steps when baking a cake, but these are the main ideas. Now that the secrets are out, head over to Earhart and pick up a slice of chocolate marble cake for yourself. Enjoy every fluffy bite, and appreciate the science that was behind it! 

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