Shopping & Eating Sustainably this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving season will definitely be different from the past so we have some tips for you to celebrate safely and sustainably!

  1. Shop & Eat Conscientiously
  • Create a shopping list of what you need in advance so you do not need to take multiple trips.
  • Head to your local farmers market for your Thanksgiving ingredients.
    • You’ll help reduce the greenhouse gas generated through growing produce and transportation. You’ll help your community’s economy as well and you’ll be buying fresher produce!
    • To find your local farmer’s market, click this link.
  • Substitute turkey and other meat dishes for vegetarian and vegan options. Try these substitutes if you’re curious!
    • If you keep the turkey, try vegetarian and vegan sides by incorporating more fruit, grain, and vegetable side dishes. If you need some inspiration, click this link.
    • Try to go beef-less this holiday season if you cannot live without turkey too.
  • If you don’t want to cook a full Thanksgiving meal this year, support local stores and shops by buying meals through them!

2. Reduce Food Waste

  • While creating your shopping list, consider the number of people that will be at your table and shop to feed them (and yourself of course!)
  • Save your leftovers!
    • Did you know, about 200 million pounds of turkey alone is thrown out over the Thanksgiving weekend! Don’t be one of those people and utilize reusable tupperware to eat leftovers the next day.
    • Or, make one of these tasty recipes with your leftovers the next day.
    • You can freeze leftovers or extra ingredients that you cannot eat within a few days too.
  • Compost the inedible scraps like potato peels, egg shells, fruits, rice, grains, and many other ingredients.
    • To learn how to compost from home, click this link.

3. Stay at Home this Year

  • Host a small gathering with close family and friends and save traveling for next year.
  • Try having a virtual dinner with family and friends instead!
    • Share recipes ahead of time and host a virtual dinner over Zoom, WebEx, Skype or Facebook Portal, so you can still spend time with the people you care about most while indulging in a special, home-cooked meal.
    • Spice up your virtual Thanksgiving dinner by playing a game!

4. Save Energy

  • Turn down the thermostat and turn off the lights when you leave the house.
    • You will save some money and energy!
  • An easy way to save energy is to unplug your phantom loads or standby power such as extension cords that are plugged in, but are not being utilized.
  • Make no-bake desserts! Here are some recipes that will save time and energy.
  • To decorate for the holidays, use LED lights to save energy and reduce emissions.
    • You can use a timer too so they only stay on when need be.

5. Gift Green (and we’re not talking about money)

Here is where we found all our information:

  1. Shop & Eat Conscientiously

2. Reduce Food Waste

3. Stay at Home this Year

4. Save Energy

5. Gift Green



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