Boilers & Beyond – Kendall Green

If you enjoy running, playing soccer, hitting some golf balls, and skiing in Michigan then you will get along well with Kendall, the Student Manager at Lawson! She will be graduating in May so read about her time at Purdue with us and what she is doing after.

Where’s home for you Kendall?

I’m from Kalamazoo, Michigan. It’s about 3 hours away from here!

What is your favorite part about Kalamazoo?

There are amazing craft breweries with great live music that I miss.

That sounds like an amazing time! You’ll have to take us sometime. Now more about yourself, what is your major?

I am a senior majoring in Food Science and I have a minor in Fermentation. 

Whoa! Wait what’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from your fermentation courses? 

I learned how to make wine out of grape juice and sugar! It was a very interesting class, I also learned how to dry jerky and make sausages. 

What a delicious time you must have had! Can you tell us how long you’ve worked at Lawson?

Since August! I previously worked at Villa at the Purdue Memorial Union from November 2017 until Villa was shut down.  

You’ve been with Purdue Dining for almost your entire college career! What will you be doing post-graduation? 

I have a job lined up as an Associate Quality and Processing Supervisor at Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota! I went to visit them this past October, it was 9 hours away from here. I start with them this August so I have one last summer vacation left.   

What are you most looking forward to in this new job?

I am looking forward to moving somewhere with a lot of snow and I am excited to meet new people while working with some Purdue friends who also got the job! I am looking forward to having the chance to use what I have learned at Purdue too. I have loved my time here, but I want to move on from Purdue.

How about what you are least looking forward to in this new job?

I am nervous about learning how to transition to working the night shift and moving, mostly buying furniture. 

That will be a pretty big change for anyone. With working in PD&C, how has that impacted your life? 

It helped me enforce classroom concepts such as food safety and handling in a commercial setting. I am actively applying what I learned in class by teaching my coworkers. 

Can you think of some things most people wouldn’t know about working in PD&C?

There are lots of different opportunities for growth. I got promoted to a Student Manager and it’s really fun working in different operations. 

Moving away from just talking about working, what is your favorite item to get from Lawson?

I love our Butterbeer latte because I wished I lived in the Harry Potter universe. 

We’ve tried it and we would say it’s one of our favorites too! Do you have any hidden talents?

I play the tuba! I have played since I was a 6th grader, I don’t play as much as I use to anymore. 

With Mental Health Action Week, how do you de-stress after exams?

I watch movies with friends and drink a hot cup of coffee, it’s calming.

Why do you think it’s important that students take care of their mental health?

When you stay on top of your mental health, you are your best self and it’s easier to follow through with your goals. 

What resources have you or friends used for your mental health?

The events this week have been good to show all of us what is available. Personally, I talk to my advisor and use her as a resource for lots of things. 

As our last question, what advice would you give to your freshman self?

That is a loaded question… Everyone struggles freshman year so it’s okay. Plus, you will figure it out as you go. Also, go ask for help! It’s an important lesson to learn that there is help out there for you so don’t struggle by yourself. 

As the weather is getting nicer, we hope everyone will get a chance to head out and enjoy some good fun! Remember to keep social distancing and wearing your mask as the COVID-19 pandemic is still hurting our community so protect yourself and other.


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