Taco Talk


The food truck is relatively new on campus; it was launched in September of 2015, making it only about a year old. Even though the truck is not the newest fixture at Purdue, it is massively popular. There is almost always a sizable line, and for the quality of food it’s not surprising.

The truck is bright orange and very hard to miss; most of you have probably seen it floating around campus at some point.

Not only does the food truck offer payment through dining dollars, it also accepts meal swipes this year! This new feature is part of the seven ways initiative to offer students more places to use their meal swipe, and the amount of food you get from The Daily Bite is substantial. You can get three tacos or two quesadillas, a side of chips and salsa, curtido, or black beans, and a drink. If you are vegetarian, they have a sofrita option in both their taco and quesadilla.


The truck, as you would expect, moves around, so if you want updates follow either their Twitter feed @PurdueDailyBite, or their Facebook page, which has a frequently updated locations page.

The current dinner schedule is pretty regular:

Monday: Wiley Dining Court 5-8pm

Tuesday: Ford Dining Court 5-8 pm

Wednesday: Wiley Dining Court 5-8pm

Thursday: Wiley Dining Court 5-8pm

The food truck used to serve macaroni and cheese variations, but now the menu is centered around a new theme, “Tacolicious,” a cuisine that is a mash of Mexican, Spanish and Basque.


For all of you with leftover dining dollars, this is a great place to spend them! The food truck will be around until after finals week, when it is taking a short break from its route. When the Daily Bite comes back from sabbatical, there will be new menu items, like burritos and burrito bowls, as well as a rotating set of specials! The food truck is also implementing new sourcing practices, and will be featuring protein from our own Purdue Butcher Block.  We look forward to the spring and trying out the new menu items!

Have you guys had food from The Daily Bite? What is your favorite? Feel free to leave us a comment and have a great week!

See you next time!

Sarah & Amanda


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