Ginger-Bread Winners


Purdue’s first end of semester is always marked with the panic and stress of finals and the excitement of Christmas break! Purdue University is full of holiday spirit this time of year, with the annual Christmas show, club events, and decorations in the Union. Purdue Dining & Catering loves kicking off the Holiday Season, with events like Breakfast with Santa and the Gingerbread competition.

This year’s Gingerbread Contest just finished up on December 12, with the announcement of the winner! This year’s winner was the retail team, for their mountain landscape depiction of the 1964 film Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Honorable mentions also went to the Athletic Dining Room for their Christmas tree with little characters from Toy Story, to Hillenbrand Dining Court for their literal Toy Land, complete with Santa, train, and Purdue Pete and Bell Tower, and also to Earhart for their Island of Misfit Toys creation.



Good job to all the dining courts! We really loved seeing your work on display in the Union.

The semester is closing out and so are Dining & Catering events. We wanted to take a minute before our break to wish you guys a happy and safe holiday season.

We’ll see you back here next semester, in three weeks!

Sarah & Amanda



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