Celebrate with Sagamore

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there’s plenty to do around Purdue to celebrate! Whether you have a significant other or a group of friends, there’s plenty of locations on campus to grab a bite or sit down for a date. If you have the unlimited meal plan, the Flex Club is hosting a Fondue and Fruit soiree from 3-5 pm on Valentine’s Day at Hillenbrand Dining Court. There will also be special food items and drinks around campus so keep an eye out!

One of the best Valentine’s Day events on campus is the Sagamore Restaurant’s Valentine’s Day Dinner. Sagamore is usually only open for breakfast and lunch, but on the 14th it’s opening from 5-9 pm for the holiday dinner. The cost of the dinner is $18, or a meal swipe and $5. The price of the dinner is payable by cash or credit, or even with your dining dollars or Boiler express account. The dinner is a 3 course meal, and knowing the Sagamore Restaurant it’s going to be amazing. Reservations are required, and can be made by email at sagamorerestaurant@purdue.edu, or by phone at (765)-494-8945.


To give you guys an idea of what to expect, we took a visit to the Sagamore Restaurant to test it out. We ordered the French Toast and the Eggs Benedict, and it was delicious. The restaurant is open from 6:30-10 am for breakfast, and 11-1:30 pm for lunch every week day. When we got to there at 8:30 am, and we were seated right away. Our orders came out within fifteen minutes, and while it looks good in the photos, it tasted even better. We had a calm breakfast and talked over our waters and coffee, and still got to class with plenty of time to spare.

Eggs Again.png


French Toasts.png

If you already have plans for Valentine’s Day, Sagamore Restaurant is also holding a “Mama Mia” Dinner on the 24th! There are also events being planned for Mother’s Day and Easter. So come check out the finest dining on campus, for Valentine’s Day or any day of the week.

Have you been to Sagamore? What’s your favorite menu item?

Have a great week!

Sarah & Amanda



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