Purdue Celebrates Our History

February is Black History Month, and here at Purdue we’re joining in celebrating black culture in America. Purdue University has it’s own long, complicated history of black culture. Purdue’s first black graduate, David Robert Lewis, earned his diploma in 1894 in Civil Engineering. The Black Cultural Center (BCC) opened on campus in 1970, and it is one of the best places to honor black culture all year on Purdue’s campus.

The BCC has a ton of resources, like the library, which holds over 7,000 books, journals and media. The library has a public reading area, viewing and listening station, and three private study rooms that you can reserve.



This month the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is featuring an exhibit called “On the Shoulders of Our Ancestors:  The Art of Willis Bing Davis.” The gallery is hosting this artist for a talk on February 16th at noon, and the BCC is also hosting Davis for The Joy of Being Alive for free at 3 pm the same day.

The BCC is also hosting a Performing Arts Ensemble for a Coffee House on February 24th and 25th at 7 pm, so if you’re interested in powerful movement and music feel free to attend this event.

The Black Cultural Center is open Monday through Thursday 8 am to 10 pm, and Friday 8 am to 8pm; it’s also open Sunday from 2pm to 9 pm. The Center is always open for tours, and the many art pieces and African architectural components make the building an interesting study.


Purdue Dining & Catering is joining in with food all month, including their menu this past week at the Gathering Place. The location featured a “Soul Themed Meal,” with items like Corn Bread Biscuits, Sweet Potato Pie, and Collard Greens with Turkey.

Although this month is Black History month, it is important to remember that black history belongs in all history classes, and Black culture should be recognized and respected throughout the year.


Have a great week!

Sarah & Amanda


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