Boilers of Dining- Zach Smith


Top 5 things to know about Zach Smith, Student Supervisor at Hillenbrand:

  • Easy-going
  • Member of Purdue Vinyl Club
  • Free time mainly spent with friends
  • Netflix daily
  • Goofy


  • What is your favorite Disney movie?



  • Where is your favorite place to study?

I normally study at home but when I’m not at home I like to study at Hicks.


  • What is your favorite mode of transportation across campus?

If it’s a good distance I drive but I also use my bike when the weather is nice


  • What’s the one word that you’d like to hear from your boss?

The word “yes” because I have some crazy ideas


  • How much money would you need to win to walk away from your current job?

I do not believe there is any amount that would make me walk away. This job has given me many transferable skills. I enjoy the people and I’ve become loyal to Hillenbrand. I’d like to finish my last semester here.


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