Boilers and Beyond- Austin Kukulski

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetAustin Kukulski is from Valparaiso, Indiana. He has worked for PD&C all four years of his college career. He currently holds a Student Manager position at Ford Dining Court. Part of his job description includes management of the student supervisors and cooks, training, and promotional meetings and events. Austin will be graduating this coming May and will receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Computer Engineering and Technology. He recently received the wonderful offer of an Associate Electrical Engineer position at ArcelorMittal in Burn Harbor, Indiana in which he has accepted. Part of his new job description will include process automation, maintenance, line work, and supervision. Austin has expressed his excitement not only for graduation but for life after college and what opportunities this job will bring. 


Why did you choose to work for PD&C? 

“I had friends who worked here before and highly recommended working for PD&C. I applied and ended up liking the work.”


What skills have you gained working with PD&C that you believe will benefit you in your new job?

“Management skills, teamwork, and how to be adaptable.”


What are you most excited about for graduation? 

“Being able to start my life and establish myself. Most of all, not doing the school and work.”


Where do you eventually want to end up? 

“I want to go through tech management. I eventually want to be in a place where I can manage my own team of engineers.”


What if your dream company to work for? 



What is your fondest memory working with PD&C? 

“Out of all the PD&C sports teams, like dodgeball and softball, Ford Dining Court always wins.”


What is your biggest takeaway from working with PD&C? 

“Friendships that I won’t ever lose. Here at Ford, we’re family.”


What are your parting words for the PD&C family? 

“Work hard in everything you do- not just school but at work and in your social life.”


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