Boilers and Beyond- Patrick Hibbard

F81D4FDF-B675-4074-8B1F-27AA6EEA1F6E.JPGPatrick Hibbard is from Crown Point, Indiana. He has worked for Purdue Dining & Catering since March of 2015. Patrick is Student Supervisor at the Athletic Dining Court (ADR) and at Ford Dining Court. Some of his responsibilities include organization of student operations, training, management, and customer service. Patrick will be graduating this May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He recently accepted the offer of Validation Engineer at Delphi Technologies in Kokomo, Indiana. This position consists of compiling product design and test data to ensure accurate quality for companies. Patrick is happy to start this new chapter in his life and thankful for the time he has had with PD&C.


Why did you choose to work for PD&C? 

“A friend of mine worked at Ford so that’s what drew me there. As for ADR, I wanted to try a different area of Dining & Catering.”


What skills have you gained from working with PD&C that you believe will benefit you in your new job? 

“Teamwork, management, time management, compromise, and developing a good work ethic.”


What are you most excited about for graduation?

“I’m excited to be somewhere new and be an asset to new people.”


Where do you eventually want to end up? 

“I want to be in a position either at work or in life where I can travel regularly.”


What is your dream company to work for? 

“NextEra Energy.”


What are your top three goals for life after college?

  1. Explore my interests more
  2. Travel
  3. Maintain and develop lifelong friendships


What is your fondest memory working with PD&C?

“Sometimes after shifts at Ford, my co-workers and I go on a “Circle K run”. We just walk to Circle K and get a few snacks to reward ourselves.”


What is your biggest takeaway from working with PD&C? 

“The friendships and how it’s opened me up socially verses being shy when I was in high school.”


What are your parting words for the PD&C family?

“I love for you supporting me as an employee, student, and person. Keep up the hard work because it’s worth it.”


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