Boilers and Beyond- Mary Strong

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetFrom Munster, Indiana, Mary Strong is a Student Supervisor at Hillenbrand Dining Court. She has worked with Purdue Dining & Catering since May of 2016. Some of her responsibilities as a Student Supervisor are overseeing student workers and managing meals at Hillenbrand. Mary is a Senior planning to graduate this May with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. She recently received the wonderful news of being accepted into the Juris Doctor (JD) program at Indiana University Maurer School of Law to study Corporate Law. Mary has thought about law school for a while. To see her hard work come to fruition, she is ready to start this new chapter in her life.


Why did you choose to work for PD&C?

“The application process was easy, and the wage was significantly higher than minimum wage, not to mention the meal benefits helped cut down my grocery budget.”


What skills have you gained from working with PD&C that you believe will benefit you in your new job?

“The most valuable skill I learned at PD&C was leadership, to have confidence in my decisions and to lead by example. Furthermore, I learned the necessity of pulling your weight in a teamwork situation.”


What are you most excited for about graduation?

“I am excited to study law, my absolute favorite subject, full-time for three years.”

Where do you eventually want to end up?

 “I want to work as an in-house attorney, allowing me to focus on a single client. Eventually, I would love to pursue a judgeship as well.”

What are your top three goals for after college?  

  1. Graduate law school
  2. Get a dog
  3. Find a job as a corporate lawyer in a city



Where do you want to end up?  

“I hope to live in the west someday, near the Rocky Mountains, where I can hike and maybe experience an actual spring.”


 What is your fondest memory of working for PD&C?  

“During the first summer I worked at Hillenbrand, there were a lot of slow days where student workers had many opportunities to talk with each other. I would mostly talk to the supervisors, many who were from other dining courts, and they were some of the funniest people I’d met in college. One supervisor, in particular, was constantly sarcastic, which I could appreciate since I was also prone to sarcasm.”


What is your biggest takeaway from working with PD&C?  

“I made some really good friends at PD&C, both at the dining court and the summer internship. We still hang out, even after they left the job, and I hope to continue these valuable friendships well into the future.”



What advice do you have for those who are considering working for PD&C but are on the fence?

“I think some people get turned off by PD&C, because working at PD&C clearly requires hard work and getting dirty, especially in a dining court. Just remember that no work is beneath you. Yes, you will work hard, and yes, the work will be messy, but the rewards are high. There is camaraderie and relatively fast promotions accompanied by pay raises. The wages are significantly higher than minimum wage and they have continuously risen as long as I have worked at PD&C. Furthermore, if you’re worried about the time restraint, PD&C does a great job of accommodating busy schedules.”



What are your parting words for the PD&C family?  

“Thank you for promoting my career by giving me an internship that applied to my career interests in law, and thank you for helping me pay my rent every month.”


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