Boilers of Dining- Erick Smith

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Erick is from Salem, Massachusetts and is a Senior in Aeronautical and Astronautics Engineering. He is a Student Supervisor at Wiley Dining Court and has worked for Purdue Dining & Catering for five years. Some of his job responsibilities as a student supervisor includes management, overseeing assignments, delegating student tasks, and customer service. In his free time, Erick likes to play video games and play sports, especially fencing.







Why did you choose to work for PD&C? 

“When I first came to Purdue, I was looking for a job and Wiley was just across the street from where I was living at the time. I knew a few people from Wiley so I decided to work here. I then wanted to go through the ranks because of finances and wanting the experience of more responsibility. After talking to a few managers and some of the administrators, they helped me get more hours and mentored me through balancing school, work, and home life.”


Why did you choose this dining location?  

“Wiley is the best, of course, and for convenience.”


What has been your least favorite class in college? 

“English 106- I needed to take it but oh my gosh, so much writing!”


Are you currently working on any projects at home? 

“I’m currently trying to learn as much coding as possible.”


If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want to have with you from your dining location? 

“A knife, lighter, and a pot.”


What is your favorite movie/tv series? 

“Star Wars!”


What characteristic do you value the most in your coworkers?

“Determination and passion.”


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