Boilers of Dining- Molly Winkeler


We’re excited to welcome Molly Winkeler as one of the newest members of the PD&C family! She came to Purdue in July, as the first Nutrition Success Manager and hopes to help students make balanced meal choices. Molly grew up in Breese, Illinois before working at Kansas State in sport’s nutrition. When she saw a position open at Purdue, she immediately applied, calling it her dream job!




What would you like to accomplish in your job this year?

“I want to support students in whatever way I can, whether that be through menu development or allergy management.” This year, she plans to create a universal menu system across PD&C to better communicate meal options.


What’s the best advice someone has ever given to you?

“Just because you’re given a cactus doesn’t mean you have to sit on it.”


What is one goal that you plan to accomplish during your adult lifetime ?

” I want to help someone reach their goals”. Molly hopes to provide nutritional and emotional support, so students can leave college feeling confident about their futures.


What’s your favorite activity to do locally and why?

” I like going out to eat, trying local foods, and seeing restaurants in the area.”


If you could bring back one TV series, which would it be? Why?

“That’s so hard! Let’s say Parks & Rec. I want to know if Leslie become president.”


What’s been your favorite movie of 2018?

“The Incredibles 2 was really good.”




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