Boilers of Dining- Alex Hoang

                                                              cosi                                 Alex Hoang is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering Technology and Robotics Engineering Technology. Before coming to Purdue, he lived in Atlanta, Georgia and applied due to the university’s excellent engineering program. Alex has been with PD&C for 1 year. He currently works as a student supervisor in training at Cosi. His goal is to foster a positive, welcoming environment for his co-workers. Alex considers the Cosi team to be his family and loves the day-to-day customer interactions!








What is the proudest moment of your life?

“I’m proud I was able to get into such a prestigious school. ” Alex decided to apply to Purdue after getting encouragement from his English teacher. Another of his proudest moments includes coining the term “stay cozy” at his workplace!


What is your favorite outdoor activity?

“Sitting by the engineering fountain. I treasure any chance I get to sit down and enjoy my surroundings.”


What has been the highlight of your Purdue experience?

“Working at Cosi has been pretty great. I get to learn new things and meet new people.” Alex also appreciates that he is constantly able to try new foods and drinks that he normally wouldn’t. He is currently working through the entire coffee menu.


Name something about yourself that most people don’t know.

“I enjoy board games. When I’m not in class, I’m in my board games club.”


Marvel or DC?

“I’m DC all the way. I feel like DC has better TV shows and comics.”


Netflix or Hulu?








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