Boilers of Dining – Jordan Pitlor

This week, Brand Ambassador Amanda sat down to talk with Jordan Pitlor! Jordan is a Student Supervisor at Earhart Dining Court and has worked there for the past 4 years! Here’s what Jordan had to say:


So Jordan, where are you from?jordan pitlor

I’m from Twinsburg, Ohio, home of the largest gathering of twins in the world!

What is your dream job?

Probably working as a software imagineer for Disney!

What is your go to snack?

Definitely potato pancakes. When they’re done right, they’re so good.

Are you a member of any clubs on campus?

Yes, I am! I am president of Purdue Disney Appreciation Club, president of ACM SIGApp (which is a special interest group for applied computing), and co-committee head for professional development within University Choir!

Wow, you sound busy! You said you’re in University Choir, so I assume you’re a music fan. Can you play an instrument?

If you count the voice as a wind instrument, then yes. I think it counts, but not everyone does. I’m a tenor!

Can you describe your outlook on life in less than 6 words?

Man, this is really hard. If I had to pick a few words, they’d be “Keep moving forward!”

Is there anything you want to say to the Purdue community, Jordan?

I’m so thankful for all the opportunities Purdue has provided me and I’m so sad I only have one semester left. Everyone should attend Purdue’s 85th Christmas Show in Elliott Hall of Music! (But also, stop walking in the bike lanes.)


Well said! We had a great time this week interviewing an awesome Boiler, thanks for chatting with us Jordan!


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