Boilers of Dining – Kyle Ruger

This week, Brand Ambassador Amanda chatted with Kyle Ruger! Kyle is a senior from Palos Heights, Illinois, and he works at Wiley Dining Court as a Student HR Manager.


So Kyle, what exactly does a Student HR Manager do?

I’m a partner to the student manager. I hire, train, and handle paperwork for student employees. I work with them for scheduling and make sure student employees are happy!


That sounds awesome! How long have you worked at Wiley?

I’ve worked at Wiley for 3 years, first as a student associate, then a student cook, then a student supervisor, and now as the Student HR Manager.


Wow, we’re glad you’re happy at Wiley! Outside of work, what’s your major?

I’m a triple major in mathematics, mathematical statistics, and statistics with a math emphasis, with a minor in physics.


Oh man, you sound busy. Let’s get into some fun stuff!

So, what’s your favorite season?

Winter! Long story short, I love the holiday season! I love the cold and snow and ice, and I’m not affected by the cold as much as other people are!


If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want to have with you?

What kind of desert island? The location matters!I would take a hat, because I don’t go anywhere without one and I don’t like the sun in my eyes. Then fishing equipment, so I’d have food. And then a portable desalination device, so I can get water to drink.


Wow, those answers are good, I would’ve just said WiFi. What’s the greatest bit of advice you’ve received?

These are things I’ve learned over the years, but the best advice I can think of is to be proud of your work and you’ll be able to create great things as long as you put energy and passion into everything you do.


That’s awesome advice! How would you spend one million dollars?

First, pay off my college loans. Then both my sisters’ loans. And then a good vacation, then everything else in savings!


If you were famous, what would you like to be known for?  

I wouldn’t mind being the president! Is that cliche?


What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Besides going indoors? Golfing!


Anything you want the Purdue community to know?

A piece of advice: Specifically to the younger crowd, find a job or activity that you can get involved with and make friends and memories. Something that you can identify as yours and be proud of!

Make opportunities for yourself, with whatever you choose to do, look for ways to better yourself for the future. I worked my way up in the dining court and picked up marketable skills on my journey up the ladder.


Thanks so much for talking with us this week, Kyle! We had an awesome time hearing about your job and all your great advice!


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