Boilers & Beyond – Amanda Evans

We interviewed Amanda Evans this week for Boilers & Beyond! She graduated this past spring with a degree in Professional Writing and Anthropology. During her time at Purdue, she worked as a fellow Brand Ambassador for Purdue Dining & Culinary.

To start things off, where are you from?

I’m from Southern Indiana, very close to Louisville.

What was your experience working in Purdue Dining & Culinary?

I was hired as one of the first Brand Ambassadors for PD&C during August of my sophomore year. It was a great experience and the first time I was introduced to using social media as a business platform!

Wow that’s so cool! What are you up to now then?

I’m currently working in Louisville with Networld Media Group. We are a media communications company and work with other companies to create content or help them advertise through digital media.

Has working with PD&C helped you in your new profession?

Yes, before I didn’t realize social media could be handled professionally. I probably would not be working for a media company now if not for PD&C. I had started at PD&C writing for the blog, as we evolved we moved to social media and I fell in love with the idea and now I help run social media pages for my job. It’s both creative and analytical so it makes my job very fun! 

That’s so amazing! If you don’t mind us asking, what was your favorite place to eat on campus?

Oasis at the Purdue Memorial Union! Specifically, I loved their breakfast sandwiches, the make your own croissant was amazing. I also highly recommend their peach smoothie.

We’ll have to check it out sometime! On another note, do you have any pets? If not what is your favorite animal?

At home, we have a big Labrador named Girlie and a small Chihuahua named Brownie. They’re both awesome and super sweet. We also have two Corn Snakes named Jade and Leo. Currently in Louisville, I do not have any pets but my dream pet is a Great Dane and my favorite animal I cannot keep as a pet is a White Tiger. 

A great pick! How about any hobbies you enjoy in your spare time?

I volunteer for Muggle Net (I love Harry Potter), I help run their social media and attend some Harry Potter events. In my free time, I also enjoy reading and watching Friends on repeat.

Sounds like a great time! Now that you’ve graduated, what do you miss most about Purdue?

I miss walking around campus, being a student, constantly being in a learning environment, being around friends all the time, and I miss being a Brand Ambassador.

Any last words of wisdom you’d like to share?

Set goals before you think you need to. Make your decisions with that goal in mind. Even what you do for fun. However, don’t be afraid to change your goals as you move through school or life!

Thanks for the great advice, Amanda! It’s always awesome to talk to graduates and listen to the opportunities Purdue inspired them to achieve. And Amanda, we miss you too!

Have a great weekend Boilers!


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