Boilers of Dining – Alison Taylor

Meet Alison Taylor from 3rd Street Market and a senior at Purdue! She’s from Mishawaka, Indiana, right by South Bend and Notre Dame, so we’re glad she decided on becoming a Boilermaker instead!

Since you are a senior at Purdue, what are you majoring in and what lead to decide on what to study?

I’m majoring in Marketing with a minor in Film and Video studies. I actually originally majored in Film and Videos Studies when I first came to Purdue and minored in Management. I ended up really enjoying Management and that encouraged me to pick Marketing as my major!

Looks like you flipped them around so you can still enjoy learning about both studies. Now we have to ask, how was your first day here?

I remember it was a Thursday shift from 12 PM – 4 PM. It was nice as it was a slower shift so I had more time to learn how to run the cash register and everything else. Everyone was really nice too so it made my first shift a good one. 

Sometimes the first day of a job or even school can be really nerve wrecking so we’re glad fellow PD&C staff treated and taught you well! How long have you worked at 3rd Street Market now?

I started last August so its been about a year and two months. Working at 3rd Street Market is also my first job I took at Purdue.

Now you’re a Student Supervisor so you’ve come a long way! Can you tell us what do you do as a student supervisor?

I help train new employees and delegate what’s happening during a shift. We usually have a to-do list so I have to make sure everything runs smoothly and everything is prepared for the next shift.

You came from being an employee in training to training new people! Besides that, what other tasks do you enjoy doing at work?

I really do enjoy training new employees but besides that I really love making the food we serve. It’s so peaceful and everything smells so good that it’s hard to not try to eat them all!

Wow, you must have really strong will power as we could not resist. Since you enjoy making the food, are their any new snacks or drinks you’d recommend?

Many people don’t know this but we have new cupcake and cake options. We even have party supplies so come here for your birthday or any party needs!

Who needs an excuse to have a cupcake though, am I right? What about your favorite items from the market?

My personal favorites from the market are the Otis double chocolate muffins or the Andy Caps hot fries. 

Those are amazing! Everyone should defiantly try them. Now besides work and food, when you graduate what is your dream career to have?

I don’t have a specific place or company in mind but I want to be a Marketing Manager or Brand Manager. 

We know you’ll achieve those dream jobs! We bet you’re a busy person so how do you spend your free time?

I usually hang out with my friends to play board games or watch movies. We also go out to eat a lot!

We do have great food on campus so what’s your favorite place to go eat together?

We LOVE Pappy’s!

Who doesn’t! Now let’s end with a fun question, if you had to live on a deserted island for a week, what 5 things would you bring?

I need some sort of survival book and a first aid kit just to be safe. I’d bring Dwight Schrute from the Office because I feel like he knows what he’s doing. A filter bottle for clean water would be an essential item and maybe bring a book for entertainment.

Interesting array of choices, you didn’t bring any food though so I hope you’ll be okay Alison!

If you’re every walking by 3rd Street Market, make a quick stop for some good food or snacks! If you ever need anything for class the Market has you covered with supplies as well! It’s really a one-stop shop for all your needs.


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