Boilers of Dining – Crystal Long

Let’s meet Crystal, a student supervisor from Freshens! She transferred to West Lafayette last spring from Purdue Northwest to finish her pre-requisites in order to make it into Purdue’s Veterinary program.

Hey Crystal! Let’s get started on where you’re from.

I’m from DeMotte, IN. It’s Northwest of here and about an hour from Chicago.

After you transferred, what made you decide to work at Freshens?

This is actually my 4th job and its pretty similar to the Ice cream shop I use to work at back home. So, thinking Freshens would be a similar experience I decided to apply.

We’ll we’re glad you’re here! Now that you’ve worked here for awhile, would you rather make crepes or smoothies?

That’s a really difficult question because they are both really fun to make. I’d say crepes because even if you make them a lot, they can be different every time. 

Which is your favorite to eat, smoothies or crepes?

Crepes. My favorite is the tomato, cheese, basil. I substitute the fresh tomatoes for the salsa we have and it’s amazing.

Sound delicious! What about your favorite toppings on the froyo?

I usually like it plain but if I had to pick love the fresh strawberries and bananas. The flavors explode in your mouth and its really good.

Now let’s talk about your classes, what is your favorite class you’re currently taking?

I really like my Orgo 2 Lab, which is Chem 256. I took the course in Northwest so now I just take the lab and I really enjoy the hands-on learning.

What about the hardest class you’re currently taking? 

BioChem! Most of the material is pretty easy but other than that I am not interested in the subject. Since I like hands on learning, it’s hard to just sit through a whole lecture on a subject I’m not interested in. I’m not slacking though!

Is it hard for you to balance school and work?

Sometimes yes, especially around midterms and finals as you have to rearrange your schedule to have enough studying time and leave your shift early to take exams.

What do you do that helps you relax after a long day or a round of exams?

I have a dog and a cat so I like playing them as I unwind and watch TV. 

Aww that’s awesome. How about any fun activities you’d recommend other students to do?

If you have time, go bowling or play pool in the Union. It’s an activity you could all do with your friends too! My friends and I usually go after an exam to de-stress. 

Oh yes that sounds really fun! Last question, do you have any tips for students who might be considering getting a job in PD&C?

Honestly, don’t be afraid to apply. Every job will accommodate your schedule and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid of going to interviews either, everyone is super nice and not scary.

We totally agree that students should’t be afraid to apply for jobs in PD&C or anywhere else!

Thank you to Crystal again for sitting down to speak with us! For any Boilermakers with questions about job applications, feel free to message us through Instagram, Facebook, or our Twitter @ PurdueDining. Besides that, have a great week!


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