Boilers of Dining – Sophia Myers

If you’re at Cosi for a meal, you might meet Sophia whose a Student Supervisor there! She’s from Berne, Indiana and is a Junior at Purdue.

What are you majoring in Sophia?

I’m studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications. I am also pursuing a minor in Management.

Sounds like you’ll do well in this interview then! How long have you been working at Cosi?

I started working here a couple months ago. Cosi was my favorite place to eat when I lived on campus and I thought the manager, Christie, was really funny and upbeat whenever I came. I thought that I would enjoy working in the environment Christie created.

I bet she’s glad you’re working with her now. What are somethings you do for work?

Just about everything. I know how to make all the food, I help bake our pastries, wash dishes, and anything I’m asked to do. My favorite task is washing dishes though as it’s peaceful. 

Let’s move on to food, what’s your favorite item to get at Cosi?

The Turkey Club Sandwich or Barbecue Chicken Pizza.

Sounds amazing! What’s something you learned from Cosi that was unexpected?

How to work more independently. The management counts on us to learn and figure things out on our own. Of course, we can ask them for help but they encourage us to problem solve before approaching them. I learned that I’m perfectly capable of figuring things out on my own. 

How about something most people don’t know about working in PD&C?

I thought it would be harder to work around exams or when I have to leave to go home home but everyone is so nice and would pick up my shifts.

Let’s move on to school, how’s your semester been? 

This has been one of my easier semesters so far. I just changed my major from Management to Public Relations and Strategic Communications so I am taking many intro classes. I really like my classes, especially Intro to Public Relations and I’m still graduating on time though!

When you’re not working or studying for school, what is your favorite activity to do in your free time?

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and do non-school things.

Where do you guys usually hang out?

We love sitting by Engineering Fountain when it’s warm. We usually set up our hammocks to relax or read. We also end up in WALC a lot to study.

It seems students end up at WALC for a study session too so you’re not alone! What inspires you the most?

I’d have to say youth activism such as Greta Thunberg. Or people who take time out of their life to make real change in general. 

Final question, if you won 10K and only had one day to spend it, what would you spend it on?

Oh gosh, probably revamp my wardrobe and pay off my rent in advance. With the extra left over I’d spend it on doing something with my friends like plan a trip to Los Angeles. 

Please include us in those plans! We had a great time interviewing you so thanks for sitting down and talking to us as well.

We hope you guys enjoyed our interview with Sophia as well! We may be having a snowy Monday, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a great week! Stay safe, healthy, and keep working hard Boilermakers!


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