Boilers of Dining – Tammie Hill

Meet a fellow Lafayette resident, Tammie Hill! She has lived near Purdue most of her life and is the current Supervisor at Continuum Cafe.

Alright first question, what did you do for New Year’s?

I helped babysit my grand kids! We stayed home and watched movies.

What’s the next holiday you’re excited for?

Defiantly Easter, it’s so much fun with the kids! They love Easter egg hunting and I just enjoy having a good time with good food.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Now as a Supervisor, what do you do?

I make the schedule, order food supplies, and make sure everyone is doing what they need to. All the little things you don’t think about to keep this cafe running and clean!

If someone were to come to Continuum for the first time, what would you recommend?

I’d ask for their dietary needs first. If they’re vegetarian, I’d recommend the Black Bean or Avocado Wrap. If they do not have any restrictions, I’d say the Turkey Club is the best. My personal favorite is the Black Bean Wrap and I’m not even vegetarian, it is just that good.

What would you say is your favorite food outside of Continuum?

Tacos! I love all kinds but I prefer chicken. 

What’s it like working at Continuum Cafe?

We have a lot of repeat customers, mostly the veterinary students. Everyone is nice and it’s not so stressful. Everyone is really patient and if we ever have a problem we can fix it to where everyone is happy.

Do you have any of the repeat customers orders memorized?

Yes! They might switch up the drink they get but most times they will stick to the same order.

Since Continuum is in the College of Veterinary Science, what’s your fave animal?

Dogs! I love all dogs, they are so amazing.

We could not agree more! What’s your favorite part of working at a cafe on a college campus?

The hours are great, we close at 4 and never open on weekends!

Can you tell us what your favorite memory working here is?

That’s a hard one. When I first started, I had a young lady come in and give me a gift before she graduated. She gave me a matching glass and picture set! 

Last question, with the end of another decade and the start of a new semester, what are you most looking forward to?

I don’t really know. There’s a lot I’m not looking forward to though! If I had to pick I’d say I am looking forward to the construction on campus finishing. I am interesting in knowing how everything will turn out and how it will look.

We are too since there are so many projects happening at the same time. Thank you Tammie for making Continuum Cafe amazing and for interviewing with us!

Welcome back Boilermakers! We hope you had an amazing winter break and have come back refreshed to take on another semester, stay tuned for future announcements and events.


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