Boilers of Dining – Paige Marrs

Paige is a senior majoring in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She’s also the Student Supervisor of Oasis Cafe in the Purdue Memorial Union!

Could you tell us what do you do as a Student Supervisor for Oasis Cafe?

I help oversee the employees and make sure things get done and done correctly. I also make sure everyone is performing to their best ability and giving great customer service!

How long have you worked at Oasis?

This is my third semester working here. I feel like I get more work done if my schedule is more full so I decided to apply to a job in the Union since I’m always here.

Since you’ve worked here for awhile, what’s your favorite item and drink to get from Oasis?

Good question! I’m going to say the cookies. I’d recommend the sugar cookies and our vanilla latte!

Sounds like a great pairing! How about your fave item to make?

I like making any of the coffee drinks because it’s an art.

We’ll have to come by again to order a coffee this week then! With winter break less than a week away, what are you most excited for this Holiday season?

I’ looking forward to relaxing and not worrying about grad school. Just time away from school sounds great.

We couldn’t agree more. Does your family have any holiday traditions?

We’re pretty basic so we usually have Christmas Eve with one side of the family and Christmas day with the other side. 

That still sounds amazing. What’s your favorite holiday dessert to have?

Another great question! I would have to say the chocolate cookies my grandma makes.

Ooo, please bring some back for us! Now since it’s the end of another semester, how was your semester?

It was defiantly very busy. That’s not bad though as I took many courses that I was genuinely interested in so even if they were challenging, I wanted to learn and worked hard. I also applied to grad school which was a little nerve-wrecking. 

With it being finals week, what are your studying habits and do you have any studying tips?

I started studying last week so this week I’m concentrating on the subjects I am struggling in. My tips for finals week is to get sleep and wake up early before an exam to review one last time. Also, make sure to plan out your week so you do not get confused!

What helps you power through finals week?

Starbucks! Also, knowing that when you study hard you will be prepared and leave an exam ready for the next one to come.

We wish we could be as confident as you! What would you like to do after graduation?

I hope to work to help in a hospital to help people rehabilitate from a stroke or other conditions.

Last question, if you could give every Purdue student a gift, what would it be?

I would give everyone the gift of passing all your finals! That’s what I really need right now and probably others.

Oh yes please that would be the best gift ever Paige! Thanks so much for considering all of us and taking the time to talk to us this hectic week. Good luck on your exams and have a great winter break!

Let’s Boiler Up and Hammer Down on these finals Boilermakers! Make sure to study, eat, drink plenty of fluids, and sleep to make sure to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically ❤ Happy Holidays too!


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