World Food Safety Day

Even during this COVID-19 pandemic, our Purdue Dining & Culinary staff are still working hard and providing delicious food for everyone with a smile. Make sure to thank everyone that helps you when you visit a dining court, market, or cafe as they fuel you to do great things. We cannot highlight everyone that makes up our Purdue dining backbone, but click the links below to see some individuals who has won an award for their dedication to PD&C and those who have been interviewed by us and their story. Thank you so much to our PD&C staff as we all know how essential you all are!

1. Purdue Dining & Culinary Awards 2020

2. Boilers & Beyond

3. Boilers of Dining

After you’ve seen some of our outstanding PD&C team, check out the Partnership for Food Safety Education website on what they are doing for World Food Safety Day and to recognize your own Food Safety Hero.


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