Happy Pappy Week!


This week kicks off the official celebration for Pappy’s 90th birthday! Pappy’s has been a fixture on our campus for nearly a century now. Many of you have enjoyed a shake or a burger at Pappy’s, but you probably aren’t aware of the restaurant’s long history. Pappy’s first opened in the ripe year of 1927 and has been a Purdue staple ever since! 

Check out this retro picture of their old shakes!


The name Pappy’s comes from one of the original managers, named Frank “Pappy” Fox. When it first started out, Pappy’s was a much smaller establishment, with a walk-through instead of a dining room. The major renovation that converted it to the Pappy’s you visit now occurred in 2004, with a total of $1.9 million spent on the project. Then they went through a massive re-branding in 2008 that made Pappy’s the place you know and love today!


Did you know?

  • Pappy’s employees used to sing and dance whenever Soul Man came on the radio, sunglasses and everything!
  • There was a wedding reception held at Pappy’s once! The loving Purdue alumni came back to their roots and shared a banana split to celebrate their special day!
  • You’ve heard of The Pappinator, right? The giant burger with FIVE whole patties, only for those with a monstrous appetite! Well, there used to be a burger contest and anyone who could consume this whopping sandwich got their picture on the wall.
  • Pappy’s was voted the best place to eat on campus for six years in a row and is always listed as a Must Do before graduating.


To pay tribute to the long years, Dining & Catering is putting on a series of events. Both today and next friday, February 24th and March 3rd, Pappy’s will be handing out free cake from 2pm-5pm. The cake is made by our own Purdue Memorial Union bake shop and it’s going to be great! Then on March 2nd, we’re hosting a Throwback Party! The party will take place in Pappy’s from 6pm-9pm, and will include trivia and root beer floats for $1.37. The first 50 customers will receive a commemorative mug! The party theme is the Roaring Twenties, in celebration of the decade in which Pappy’s was established. So come join us for free cake, games, and fun!


And we can’t forget that also happening this coming week is Mardi Gras celebrations! Starting February 27th, Harrison Grille and The Gathering Place will have special menu items, like Cajun Pecan Catfish and Black-eyed Peas with Bacon.

Come celebrate these events with us, and have a great week!

Sarah & Amanda


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