Boilers of Dining- Alex Appleby


Alex Appleby is a Junior from Miami, Florida planning to major in Business Management. Although he was raised in the Sunshine State, he’s traveled to many places from California all the way to Paris. He aspires to be a Project Manager for Disney Parks and Resorts or a Creative Manager for the Universal Halloween Horror Nights. He currently works as a Brand Ambassador for Employee Success and has been with PD&C for 4 months. Part of his job includes event development and communications with Purdue organizations.




Why did you choose to work for PD&C?

“It seemed like a new and different way to get plugged-in to campus life. Many of my friends recommended me to work for PD&C. Now that I’m here, I’ve never been more involved!”


What has PD&C taught you thus far?

“More than anything I’ve learned time management. I’ve also learned a great deal of dining at Purdue and all the working parts.”


How do you think this job can help with your future career?

“This job has taught me how to bring my creative thoughts to life. I’ve learned how to work in a team and how to utilize other areas of the company to promote the brand.”


Alright, now for the fun questions. Since you’ve traveled so much, what is your favorite city?

“New York City! Broadway is life.”


Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter person?

“Fall for sure! I love the weather and of course Halloween.”


What is your favorite outdoor activity?

“Hiking but there must be mountains!”


What is your least favorite class and why?

“I hate Physics. Period”


Netflix or Hulu?





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