Boilers of Dining- Elexus Holmes


Elexus Holmes is a Student Associate at Amelia’s. The cafe is located in Armstrong, right on the corner of Northwestern and Stadium Ave. She is a sophomore planning to graduate in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Elexus has worked with PD&C since the beginning of her freshman year. She aspires to one day own a restaurant that consists of fresh and local foods. She is also a native Hoosier from LaGrange, Indiana, which is not too far from the Ohio and Michigan borders!




Why did you choose to work for PD&C?

“I needed experience for my major and something to put on my resume so it seemed like the best fit. Plus, I knew this would be a job I could keep for all four years of college.”


What has PD&C taught you thus far? 

“Time management, customer service skills, and confidence!”



What is your favorite sport?

“I like to play soccer but watch basketball.”


What is your favorite activity to do locally? 

“Trying new restaurants and spending time with friends!”


What is your least favorite class right now? 

“My criminology class.”


What is your favorite Disney movie? 

“Toy Story!”


What is your favorite memory at Amelia’s? 

“Becoming good friends with my coworkers.”






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