Boilers of Dining: Double Feature- Gabriela Olguin-Flores & Sierra Morin

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Gabriela is a Dietetics intern at the Athletic Dining Room, better known as ADR. She’s also a senior in Dietetics. Gabriela has worked for PD&C since the beginning of her Freshman year, back in the Fall of 2014. She aspires to work as a Fertility Nutritionist once she graduates. Gabriela is from Portage, Indiana, just minutes away from Lake Michigan. Some of the responsibilities of her internship with ADR include ordering, deliveries, handling fuel stations, management, and customer service.




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Sierra is a Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) intern at ADR. She, too, is planning to graduate this May with a Bachelor’s in HTM. She’s worked for PD&C for two years. After graduation, Sierra would like to eventually start her own bakery, then hopes to franchise it. She is originally from Ambia, Indiana, which is right next to the Illinois border. Some responsibilities of her internship with ADR include ordering, management, creating menus for special events, and desserts.





Why did you choose to work for PD&C? 

Gabriela: “I needed work experience for my major so it just made sense to work on campus. But, it’s the people who have made me stay with ADR.”

Sierra: “I needed the work experience for my major as well. I knew working on campus to fulfill my internship requirements would be the most convenient option. Plus, I love food.”


What has PD&C taught you thus far? 

Gabriela: “Time management, customer service, and working with different people.”

Sierra: “This internship has put me ahead of other students because I now have the experience to put on my resume. This job has taught me management skills and teamwork.”



Gabriela, what are the top five things to know about you? 

  1. I love food so much I decided to major in it
  2. I love re-reading books (I’ve read the Harry Potter series at least three times)
  3. I love roller coasters
  4. I’ve been able to go to Mexico at the end of every school year in May
  5. I love dogs



Sierra, what are the top fives things to know about you? 

  1. I’m that “cat lady”
  2. I love baking
  3. I volunteer for the Community Cancer Network in Lafayette
  4. I’m an organized-messy person
  5. I have 12 tattoos



Describe your outlook on life in five words.

Gabriela: “It will always get better.”

Sierra: “Integrity, perseverance, positivity, hard work, and happiness.”



What three characteristics do you value most in co-workers?

Gabriela: “Good work ethic, honesty, and humor.”

Sierra: “Charismatic, curious, and dedicated.”



Name one thing most people don’t know about you.

Gabriela: “I’d love to be a morning person, but I’m terrible at it.”

Sierra: “I skipped the third grade.”‘




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