Boilers and Beyond- Thomas Marcet


      Thomas Marcet is a PD&C employee, majoring in Aviation and currently set to graduate in December! After leaving Purdue, he intends to work for an airline where he can assume a managerial role in the future.  Thomas  originally applied to Purdue due to the strong Aviation program and balanced campus life. He started working at Ford Dining Court during his freshman year and was later promoted to Student Supervisor. His responsibilities include facilitating the successful operation of the dining courts, managing student work, training, and working alongside the cooking staff. He believes that a lot of people choose to stay at Ford because it becomes a secondary family!







What are you most looking forward to after graduation?

” I’m looking forward to travelling on weekend trips and getting flying benefits.”

What staff member impacted you the most?

“It’s hard to say just one person since there’s so many people here who guided me. Ashley Sarjeant hired me and pushed me to become a supervisor. She explained that what matters most is that you know how to talk to people and can learn. Rhonda Wooten is another. She’s so sweet. I can always talk to her about anything I’m struggling with and she’ll help me work through it.”

Who was your favorite teacher/professor?

“My favorite professor has been Mike Nolan. He’s in Aviation. He’s taught me the most relevant things for my internships. He’s always guiding, not just me, but everyone in his classes. He’s someone I look up to for sure.”

What’s a hobby that you love?

“I’m a DJ. I DJ different events around campus.”

What’s been your favorite place to visit?

“Malaysia had an amazing culture and everyone was willing to share with you. It’s also super beautiful.”

What’s something important you want people to know?

“There’s no better opportunity for development than to come here and work your way up to supervisor. You’re not just learning how to make french fries. You’re learning how to develop yourself. The money’s cool, but the leadership development is so important. Also, I’d like to add that all the students on my shifts this semester have been amazing.”


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